Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of honey?

Honey is the only food f that never spoils. Containers of honey from thousands of years ago have been found to be still edible and safe for human consumption today. So as long as what's in your jar is pure honey it should still be good to eat!

Why is my honey starting to crystallize in the jar?

The natural form of honey is actually a very fine crystal shape. If you were to look at honey under a microscope it would look like snowflakes. Because of this, it is completely natural for honey to crystallize over time. Some honey varieties crystallize slowly while others will do so more rapidly. Your honey is still safe to eat and the flavor and quality is as amazing as when it went into the jar. If you store your honey at room temperature it will crystallize at a slower rate. To re-liquefy your honey, place the open jar into a container of warm water for 20 minutes or heat very slowly at a low temperature while stirring gently. Make sure not to overheat your honey as it will destroy the taste! 

Why do some types of honey look different from others?

Each honey is unique. A honey's color, texture, and flavor is determined by the type of flowers from which the bees gathered nectar. Monofloral honeys generally have distinct tastes and colors which are vastly different from one another. Colors, flavors, and textures can even change from season to season based on factors like weather and the types of plants available in the vicinity of a hive. The differences found from one variety of honey to another is the hallmark of a natural food.

Is your honey pasteurized?

No. Pasteurization requires heating a food product to a temperature that is high enough to kill bacteria. The heating process of pasteurization would destroy the natural flavors and health benefits of our raw honey. Honey has its own miraculous way of fighting dangerous bacteria. The natural hygroscopic and antimicrobial nature of honey, which is a result of its high natural sugar composition, inhibits the growth of nearly all bacterial species making pasteurization unnecessary. 

Is your honey from your own hives?

Some is! We are beekeepers and we have a deep passion for bees and for preserving bee colonies. Some of the honey we sell is honey that we extract from our own hives. Specifically, our Classic City Select Honey is from our hives located in Athens, Georgia. Additionally, we have partnered with responsible beekeepers we know well from around the country to provide our customers with a wide variety of high quality, responsible honeys.

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