About Us

      OUR MISSION     
     By giving bees the respect they deserve we strive to offer the finest honey and body care products available, educate the world, and inspire all people to live happier and healthier lives.

At Classic City Bee Company we are privileged to learn more about the amazing honeybee every single day. And we love what we do. Even after years of experience working with bees we are still amazed that we learn something new about them and ourselves every time we open a hive and enter their world. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. Here, we consider ourselves partners with the thousands of bees with which we work. As we appreciate this role and act accordingly, we have been blessed to learn and grow as we assist the bees in their important mission of producing the best natural product they can. While we oversee, and protect the bees, we are not as in charge of the operation as we sometimes think. Every interaction with these amazing animals teaches us that we are not in control, we are only caretakers of these magnificent creatures. As we understand our role as partners with the bees we hope to more effectively fulfill the aims of our company's mission of creating the best products available, educating the world, and inspiring all people to live happier, healthier lives.  
For thousands of years honey, as well as other products created by the honeybee, like wax, propolis, and royal jelly, have been widely used across almost every culture that has inhabited the Earth.  Millions of people dating from pre-historic times until today have benefitted from a close, symbiotic relationship with the honeybee. From Egypt, to Rome, to the ancient cultures of Asia and the Middle East, the health benefits of honey and other products from the hive have been widely known and appreciated.  In recent years that appreciation has faded in the face of man-made substitutions. Classic City Bee Company was founded to educate all people about the amazing beneficial elements found within the miraculous substances produced by the bee. From the ageless perfection of honey to the natural healing abilities of propolis, the products of a healthy hive truly are miraculous. By presenting our customers with the finest products highlighting the natural blessings from the hive, we help people live happier, and more fulfilling lives and return to a simpler, healthier time.

Scott Johnson
first began keeping bees in Athens, Georgia as a young boy. As a church service project Scott helped his father keep bees around town and across the countryside. He built hives, cared for the bees, captured wild swarms, and harvested honey which was given to those in need. From the beginning Scott felt at home with the bees and was able to easily work with them. He trusted the bees and they trusted him. Scott's education and career has focused in animal science and research, particularly working with livestock. However, in recent years, he has welcomed the bees back into his life. He finds lessons of thrift, labor, harmony, purpose, self-sacrifice, and peace in the hive. An old country beekeeper expressed his feelings best when he said, "There's more God-stuff that goes on in that box than anywhere else in the world!"

Doyle Johnson
began keeping bees as a hobby with his father, Scott while he attended law school at the University of Georgia. While he graduated and began practicing law, his heart never wandered far from his hives and the bees that inhabited them. While his law practice exposes him to so much chaos in the world he finds peace and solace in the simple order found in each beehive. Where many might be tempted to see a large group of stinging insects, Doyle sees a a beautifully organized community working together toward a common goal. When not spending time with the bees, Doyle loves spending time with his wife Chelsea and their three daughters. He finds that as he seeks to learn from the selflessness of the honeybee his relationship with those around him grows.