Smoked Honey

Product image 1Smoked Honey - Classic City Bee Company
Product image 2Smoked Honey - Classic City Bee Company
Product image 3Smoked Honey - Classic City Bee Company

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There is nothing more southern than the smell of barbecue smoking low and slow in the backyard. Now bring that flavor into your kitchen with Classic City Bee Company Smoked Honey. This honey is 100% raw and natural wildflower honey with no artificial additives or flavoring. Our Smoked Honey has been cold smoked in a temperature controlled environment to make sure it is infused with the perfect amount of hickory smoke without heating it to a point where the beneficial enzymes break down. 

Smoked Honey is perfect as a base for marinades and sauces. We also love it over ice cream and mild cheeses as well as fresh fruit. However, this award-winning honey is best used when you want the flavor of the grill or smoker without leaving the comfort of your kitchen. Use it to cook salmon, shrimp, or chicken to add that familiar smoky flavor to your favorite dishes.

ORIGIN: North Georgia

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