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Bourbon Honey Mustard Wings

There is nothing better than fresh, hot chicken wings. That amazing blend of crispy outside contrasted with tender chicken keeps millions around the world coming back to this fan favorite. Weather you are watching a football game in the fall or enjoying a summer evening on the back porch they are the perfect appetizer or meal in and of themselves. But not every wing has to be spicy! These Bourbon Honey Mustard wings combine the classic taste of honey mustard with sugary bourbon flavors and the citrus kick of raw, Classic City Bee Company Orange Blossom Honey. After you fry up these killer wings you may never look at spicy wings the same way again! Ingredients: 1 Cup yellow mustard...

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French Crullers with Honey Glaze

 Donuts make everything better. That's just a fact. It's science. And if donuts can make everything better just imagine when that donut is a French Cruller topped with honey glaze. This combination is unstoppable. The light, airy texture of the cruller combines seamlessly with the sweet creaminess of the glaze as it seeps into every nook and cranny of the twisted pastry. This is certainly not the easiest recipe we have shared on this website but you will still be amazed at how easy it is compared with the quality of the final product. There is no doubt that after you make this french pastry you will come back to this recipe again and again until it becomes a...

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