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Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

There is no superior comfort food than chicken and waffles. It's a combination that on some level doesn't feel like it shouldn't go together but it does, and it's perfect. Something about the classic meal just feels like coming home. Maple syrup is the go to sweetener when eating this family favorite but at our house no meal is complete without pure and raw honey. We usually combine honey and maple syrup to perfectly compliment the buttery lightness of warm waffles fresh out of the waffle iron. This recipe adds a new twist on chicken and waffles by combining them into perhaps the perfect sandwich. Honey isn't the star of this dish but its addition brings out a richness in...

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Grilled Peach and Honey Vinaigrette

Here in the Peach State there are peaches everywhere you turn at this time of year. This salad dressing recipe provides a new way of using our favorite fruit. This is the time of year we are all trying to eat light. As fall, and the holidays quickly approach there are only a limited amount of days to take advantage of the peak season for fruits and vegetables. This vinaigrette gives a sweet fruity burst of flavor to any summer salad. This recipe can be made without grilling the peaches if you prefer. However, we find that the grilling process brings out a deeper flavor of the peaches and introduces subtle smoky flavors which blend well with the sweetness of...

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