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Bees in the Winter

It's almost midnight on Friday evening and I am sitting alone in my quiet house while the rest of my family sleeps. Here in North Georgia we are bracing for Snowmageddon 2016 as the region is preparing to come to a grinding halt in response to an estimated 2 inches of snow ( to those of you from up north or out west, please stop laughing). As I'm sitting here, listening to the rain and wondering when it will finally turn into snow, I can't help but think about my bees huddled in their hives out in the cold. I can't help but feel at least a little guilty, knowing that in a few minutes I will crawl into my nice,...

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Bees in the Fall

It's finally fall in Athens, Georgia. Ask anybody and they will tell you this is their favorite time of year. Whether it's the crispness of the cool morning air, or the sweet sounds of college football emanating from Sanford Stadium, everyone around here has a reason to love this time of year. However the same cannot be said for the bees here at Classic City Bee Company. They don't hate it, that's for sure. But they don't look forward to it with the same excitement that we do. Like the rest of us, our bees are starting to slow down as we get farther into the season and they days start to cool down. Throughout the early part of the...

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