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Classic City Select Honey

What is Classic City Select Honey? While reviewing the trio of honeys that launched Classic City Bee Company a couple weeks ago you might notice that we offer two different varieties of wildflower honey, Classic City Select and Southern Wildflower. Two different honeys, two different colors, two different textures, and two different flavors. Both wildflower honey. Both of these honeys are local to the Northeast Georgia area. Our Southern Wildflower Honey is gathered from wildflowers from all across this area of the state. Classic City Select however is an ultra-local honey gathered from hives located only in the Athens, Georgia area. Both have the amazing properties that accompany any pure and raw honey but Classic City Select offers a special treat to our customers...

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Bees in the Summer

It's hot outside! No. for real, it is HOT outside. Here in Athens, Georgia we are hitting the mid nineties every single day. And its not just the heat. The humidity is becoming oppressive. Lately I have foregone ht protective comfort of a bee suit while tending to our hives. It means I end up with a few more stings but beekeepers are used to stings. A few here and there are better, in my opinion, than being trapped in a thick bee suit while the temperature outside is pushing a hundred degrees. I'll take the stings so you can get your precious honey. Don't say I never did anything for you.  I want to say that summer is upon us but in reality,...

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What is Classic City Bee Company?

classic:  adjective clas·sic \ˈkla-sik\ serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value. Athens, Georgia. The Classic City. Home. For us, these are all the same place. The Classic City is just that,... classic. It serves as a standard of excellence for towns across the country, and anyone who spends even a small period of time on her enchanting streets recognizes this town's natural value. There is a reason why many people who come here for school stay for life, and why most who leave find their way back. It's because this town feels like home, whether you had the privilege of growing up here like I did, or you just arrived for the first time. You can feel it. It's classic. When...

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