Classic City Select Honey

What is Classic City Select Honey?

While reviewing the trio of honeys that launched Classic City Bee Company a couple weeks ago you might notice that we offer two different varieties of wildflower honey, Classic City Select and Southern Wildflower. Two different honeys, two different colors, two different textures, and two different flavors. Both wildflower honey.

Both of these honeys are local to the Northeast Georgia area. Our Southern Wildflower Honey is gathered from wildflowers from all across this area of the state. Classic City Select however is an ultra-local honey gathered from hives located only in the Athens, Georgia area. Both have the amazing properties that accompany any pure and raw honey but Classic City Select offers a special treat to our customers who, like us, call Athens home.

Each year, our Classic City Select changes subtly much like the city itself. The weather, the flowers in bloom, and more all determine the final outcome of the product that is harvested each summer from our Athens hives. This year our harvest is the lightest in color we have ever had. That, combined with its thick texture leads me to believe that the nearby blackberry bushes produced more nectar as they bloomed than in years past. It makes for a surprisingly nutty flavor with notes of floral aromas. 

Classic City Select is the best local honey that can be found in the Athens area. For that reason we have labeled it as select. It is unique and welcoming, just like the Classic City itself.

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